WHYTe willy | fry by the river

3rd July 2021 | 14:00 - 20:00
(15 minute slots)

Whyte Willy have returned from the depths to bring you a selection of nautical inspired nibbles.

Feast on a delightful selection of seafood and vegetables in a light tempura batter - a fritto misto of all the niceties that can be fried. We’re talking prawns, squid, whitebait and scallops with fennel, spring onion and courgette. Pollocks you say? Yes, those too.

Served up with a duo of saucy burnt lemon aioli and homemade sriracha dips. Fried herbs and scampi fry crumb to top. topper. £13 a pop so don’t be wet, come and get.

Find us 2pm-8pm at Rye by the Water, Brentford. See you there or see you square.


more coming soon...

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